A Message from Fanta : FUN!

"There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle; one is a sense of humour and the other is patience." - John Lyons.

Based on the quote above, have you heard of FANTA, the global brand of fruit-flavoured carbonated soft drinks, another family member of The Coca-Cola Company? They were challenged when it came to marketin' their product in China against the big gun, Pepsico's Miranda.

Their solution? Target the youth segment! After all, they're all about being "more fanta, less serious" just like the image below.

Now, to target the youth segment, one's gotta be brave enough to make the main product into a fun-filled game. When Fanta partnered with Ogilvy in China, they launched the "Ninth Class" campaign in April 2011. It's called the "Ninth Class" 'cause in China, it is a norm that a student takes eight classes on a school day. So, the "Ninth Class" is about getting participant to guess how many oranges are needed to fill the bowl before an orange squeezes out juice due to the increasing pressure from the other oranges. Very interesting experiment, aye? It's got good sense of humour and definitely requires a lotta patience when it comes to gettin' the result!

Let's stop yammerin' for a bit and watch how Fanta showed China a fun way to take them seriously.

I reckon that to engage with young consumers' segment, digital marketin' is the way to go seein' that technology are always with them. It has to be delivered via an interactive campaign which would impact significantly. Clearly, Fanta's got it right by incorporating online games such as the above video.

That's my two cents for the day.

*tips the hat*