Terrific Idea, Emart!

Emart is the Walmart of Korea and they had a problem - low sales durin' lunch hour. Their solution? Well, rather than barkin' at a knot, they used what technology had to offer : Embrace the QR code and start the "SUNNY SALE" campaign.

To encourage customers to shop durin' lunch hour, 12pm-1pm, Emart built large 3D QR codes and strategically placed them at key locations throughout Seoul. At lunch hour, the sun will shine and the shadows would aligned itself to allow customers to scan the QR code and enjoy the incentives!

By jiminy! Ain't that a terrific idea on how to draw people's attention? It's a smart sprinkle to boost sales for the company too!

Watch the video and if you ever wonder how to influence buying behavior, i've gotta say… Emart's hit the nail on the head!

P/s: the downside to it is when it gets cloudy or worst case scenario, rains! 

Have a good weekend!

*tips the hat*