Tweet Tweet @Turkcell!

So here i am, chewin' on wheat. To be precise, muesli. Just a thought, do you love tweetin'? I'm a noob at it, still learnin' 'em ways to tweet effectively. Ever wondered how to market your product through Twitter rather than just tweetin' about gibberish stuff like 'i'm currently doin' this and that' or 'Gossip gossip gossip' ? Most people, despite being heavily hooked to the internet, have high tendency to avoid online advertisement, ain't that right? But I've got somethin' to share that may be of interest to ya as it did made me amazed at how simple Twitter can be used for marketin' a product! Have ya heard of Turkcell?

Turkcell is a telco company who has competition with other telco companies, no doubt! So, they wanted to promote their latest smartphones which were bundled with mobile internet, just like the other telco companies did. But Turkcell, now they had a brilliant idea which was simple, smart, innovative, creative, contagious and hit on, ADDICTIVE! They ran a live competition on Twitter to promote the package by simply placin' smartphones in a gift box which were 'wrapped/covered' with post-it notes. With a live video feed, all those on Twitter got an invitation! To what? To unpack the box by tweetin' what was written on the 'wrapper' of course! But only by usin' the hashtag #turkcelltweet. Ain't that genius? Anyway, the last one to unwrap... gets the gift of course! You can watch the video below, that's some creative juice for sure!

Interestin'? Definitely love the simplicity in the idea.. and please, there ain't such thing as free marketin', you always gotta give somethin' out if ya wanna get 'em talkin' about you. Small money out, big money in!

Yup, that's right!

Till the next one...

*tips the hat*