Jay-Z DECODED with Bing!

"It don't take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep" - Old West Proverb

Ok, gather 'round boys and girls! Have ya heard of Bing, the search engine owned by Microsoft and a rapper called Jay-Z?

 Yes? No? It's ok, let me fill ya in. Bing had to go up against the big gun, Google. Another one that sounds like the David vs Goliath story, I know. But hang on, this is a grade A+ creative marketin' that you'll wanna know about! Trust me...

So, they wanted to grow their market share and at the same time, target the young techy ones such as yerselves. In a nutshell, they're tryin' to influence the crowd to have a reason to use Bing as their search engine. Now, how did they do it? Well, they partnered with Jay-Z who was also launching his autobiography entitled 'Decoded'.

The idea was simple. Focus on user experience and allow the audience to experience Jay-Z's life, creatively and digitally. Pages from the book were strategically placed around the world and participating fans who located a page gained credits for it online. Plus, by decoding the book digitally on the Decode site, it enables one to read the book prior to its release!

It was a brave and innovative move. Watch the video below and see what Bing & Jay-Z both earned through this win-win campaign.

What did I tell ya? Grade A+ creative marketin' right? Truly, a SUCCESSFUL GENIUS!

As I leave you for the rest of this beautiful Sunday, may this inspire you as it did for me! Thank you Marcus (@leekimkong) for bringin' this case study to my attention!

*tips the hat*