Happy Father's Day!

Howdy folks!

Today, I'm gonna take a break and keep my lasso away. It's father's day and I'm gonna tell you a story about a man. He was a jet-fighter pilot by profession but I reckon deep down in his heart, he always wanted to be a cowboy. I say so 'cause he became one eventually.

In anything that he do, he did it with full determination, loyalty and integrity. He was a very hardworkin' man. You see, he believed that you have to take pride in your work and always finish what you've started. Bein’ a man of principle, he was tough but fair, sayin' "Got to do what's got to be done" and he knew where to draw the line. He keeps to his word because he'd say "A man's word is a man's word.. it must never be broken". 

Bein’ a jet-fighter pilot, his job took him round the world, dine with royalties and serve the nation. He's the wisest man I knew. His gift of the gab was remarkable as his love for makin' conversation with others was so easy. When asked how he does it, he'd say with a twinkle in his eye, “Don’t make small talk. Talk less, say more”. That’s wise! A believer in continuous learnin', his advice was "When you speak to one person, you should always go away learnin' something...". Speakin' to him, I've learnt a lot!

When i was a young kid, I'd discuss my decisions with this man but he won't tell me what I ought to do. Instead he guided me to be an independent thinker and taught me to think out of the box by sayin' "Now, don't go cutting corners just 'cause ya think it's an easy way out". He's got a great sense of humor and positive attitude despite his serious look. Made me feel confident in all things that I do.

Of course, life wasn't all fine and dandy for this man. He had his tough times but with his head up, he lived each day with courage. Often, he would tell us to look on the bright side of things 'cause "ya know, others may have gotten it worse". Although he was tough, he had a soft spot. He was devoted to family, loved animals, and a really helpful good friend to many.

Well, it’s been six years since this man’s finished his battle with lung cancer and succumbed to a peaceful eternal rest. God bless his soul. Although he didn't lived his whole life as a cowboy but I'm pretty sure he followed the cowboy's code of the West! He's dearly missed and his life-lesson's are deeply cherished. Who is this man? He’s my dad, the late Captain Arthur Cheah. He would have been 75 years old if he was still alive..

For all fathers and father's-to-be, Happy Father's Day and remember, guide the kids and leave a legacy for they're the next generation! Cheers!

*tips the hat*