Exercise and Drink Contrex!

"Makin' it in life is kind of like busting broncos. You're goin' to get thrown a lot. The simple secret is to keep gettin' back on." - Old West Wisdom

Thru'out the world, there's thousands of bottled water brands each claiming to be better than the other. Every single day, the market place gets more crowded and then companies find it difficult to differentiate their product. So, since you've got the same product, in this case.. it's WATER... it's time to focus on the brand. Today's eyecandy is Contrex, a French mineral water brand owned by Nestle.

They did a pretty interestin' commercial which involved  a bunch of ladies and (some men), exercise bikes and a holographic image of a neon man-stripper. It's bound to get your attention, put a smile on your face and leave you feelin' delighted! Watch the video and see if you can find the exercise partner, Contrex!

See, exercisin' is fun when ya got some motivation goin' on! By the way, did ya find Contrex? Strategic placement ain't it? Anyway, the message behind this campaign is simple, "if ya wanna lose weight, do some exercise and drink water (Contrex of course!)'. I know it's nothin' new under the sun, but it's a creative way of marketing especially since it involved a hologram neon image of a man-stripper! Plus, that video's gone viral and received more than 12 million hits!

Nestle, gotta give it to ya, you're a risk-taker and betcha the crowd loved that!

*tips the hat*