Evian Smart Drop: H20 at your doorstep

"The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to be better." - Simon Sinek

A long, long time ago, the cowboys needed to search for water hole when it came to getting water. Life was tough then but now, it's gettin' mighty easy! In the last couple of posts ago, I talked about the Emergency Pizza Button.


Today, let's take a look at what Evian's doin' to speed up the water order among thirsty Parisians. They're currently promoting their water delivery service via Evian-At-Home, with their Smart Drop Project. It's a simple WiFi connected device placed on the fridge which looks like a water droplet shaped magnet. It allows the owner to order water, request a particular delivery time and wahla, water at your doorstep! Watch the video below.

Now, that's one smart branded object that would be useful in the future. Simply 'cause this creation serves as an extension to help make life easier at home. Gone were the days when only milk were sent to your doorstep, now even H20!

So, die-hard-faithful Evian consumers in Paris..it's comin' your way in 2013!

*tips the hat*