Save the Heartbroken with the Ex-Lover Blocker App!

"It is easier to patch a broken mirror than a reputation." - Old West Wisdom

Ain't it tricky dealin' with a person who is heartbroken? How would ya react to it? Well, naturally ya gotta listen and then empathize. And after that, ya try to get yer heartbroken friend to aim at a new target, yes?


Wrong! You've gotta pick up yer tool to help yer heartbroken friend get over that ex! Here's a fun mobile app idea that does just that! It's called the Ex-Lover Blocker App from  GuaranĂ¡ Antarctica (the second best-sellin' soft drink brand in Brazil after Coca-Cola), created by DDB Brazil.

This app aim's to help prevent their heartbroken friend from calling the ex. Once installed, user starts by blockin' the ex's contact number. Then the contact details of close friends who guards the user are selected. When that moment of weakness happen, i.e. when knucklehead heartbroken user tries to call the ex, the app alerts the user's friends instead. If their intervention calls are ignored and the fateful call is made.. BAM! There will be a post on Facebook that highlights the moment of weakness.

This tongue in cheek idea is def'nately a fun way for the brand to engage with their target audience, in this case, the young male audience.

So, interested in the app? Wanna get it for yer heartbroken friend? Download it for FREE from the Apple App Store.

*tips the hat*