Red Tomato Pizza : Push the button to order

"Necessity is the mother of invention." - Old West Wisdom

In a couple of days, Mum and I are goin' for a gatherin' and we all gotta bring a dish. Have ya ever noticed what cowboys loved to eat? I'd say whatever they wanna eat and they'd probably never say no to barbecue. But whadya think of when ya want somethin' instant? I think of Pizza since Pizza Hut made it so easy with their online orderin' website. All I need to do was to pull out my laptop or smartphone, place my order and a meal is delivered straight to the doorstep. However, just as I thought that it couldn't get any easier than that.. boy oh boy, was I proven wrong!

Dubai's Red Tomato Pizza has taken pizza ordering to a whole new level with their new "VIP Fridge Magnet". This device is placed on your refrigerator and is connected via Bluetooth to their orderin' system. After activation, all ya gotta do is to set yer favorite order to default. By simply pressin' the button on the magnet, the preset order is auto-sent to the pizzeria. No more dealin' with the human/machine on the other end of the phone. *chuckles* You will then receive a confirmation text to tell you that yer order was received. This notification allows ya to cancel in case it was done by accident or perhaps yer child messed around with it.

By jiminy, it's basically an effortless orderin' system! Go on, watch the videos below. The first one is a teaser, while the second shows you how it works..

Ain't it fascinatin'? I reckon this opens the door for interactive marketin'. The trend's gonna catch on fo' sure!

*tips the hat*