Share a Coke with...

"Whether the glass is half-full or half empty, depends on whether you are drinking or pouring." - Old West Wisdom

Once upon a time, in the '70s, advertisin' a brand was all about Unique Selling Proposition. A decade later, it went on to Emotional Selling Proposition. Currently, it's gone up another level - Me Selling Proposition. In other words, we're in a generation that believes it's all about oneself! Ain't surprisin' since we want everythin' personalized from screen-savers, phone covers right up to the T-shirts that we got on! Well, who doesn't like something that's personalized anyway? Such a 'me-obsessed' generation we are!

Anyway, there's a company that's laughin' to the bank as you read on. Yup, it's true! Coca-Cola is revitalizin' their 126 year old brand among the diminishin' youth group.

It started in a land down under called Australia. The campaign was called 'Share a Coke' campaign and it had 2 phases. Phase #1 was to roll out Coke bottles and cans that had 150 individual names printed boldly with the traditional Coke format. The most common names in Australia were chosen which included Matt, Jack, William, and Jess, among others. Phase #2 saw Coke Australia havin' outlets set up in 18 different malls where ya could get yer name printed on the cans. How cool is that? Betcha you'd want one too, or a few!

Play the video below and see how fun and excitin' this campaign was:

Apart from that, the company launched an App on Facebook which allowed users all over the world to customize their Coke cans and share 'em virtually. This got the people head over heels about it as it was reported 65,000 virtual cokes were created out of which 90% were shared! That's positive engagement, partner!

Hey, ya wanna share a virtual can of coke? Click HERE and make sure ya got a Facebook account too!

*tips the hat*