Refresh your ideas with Sprite!

"Don't insult the alligator before you cross the stream" - Old West Wisdom

Have you ever wondered how to get people talkin' about you when you've been around for oh-so-longggg...? Well, Sprite was spot on with their creativity!

Sprite got 'em people talkin' about their brand again. T'was a gentle reminder that they're still alive and kickin'! Partnerin' Ogilvy Brazil, they came up with a pretty impressive and refreshin' brand idea. A 'branded' shower! Watch the video and see how they did it.

Well, if I'm on one of the most crowded beaches in Brazil and it's summer time.. gun smokes, all I would think of is a nice cool powerful shower too! I reckon temperature could easily reach 40 degrees. Man, that's like satan decidin' to take the day off!

By jingo, Sprite you're bold!

*tips the hat*