Planet Kids' Talkin' Invitation

"I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand." - Confucious

Every child is unique and requires quality time. The quality time that I'm tryin' to say is about the opportunity to learn, share and express new thoughts. Education should spark a kid's interest and creativity not make them all-shy by lookin' at them like a cow at a new fence. Ya get what i'm sayin' ?

So hear, hear... There's a play school that has a learnin' environment which is both educational and thought provokin'. I reckon every school should be a playground. Did you know, Planet Kids Bangalore offers that? Let me show you how creative they can be.

You know how difficult it is marketin' out a product, like sendin' an invitation out to your customers to come and have a look-see at what you're doing? Well, Planet Kids Bangalore was in that kinda situation. How do you excite the kids about Annual Day celebration and entice the parents to join along? Tough call!

To get the kids buzzin' about the event and create excitement among the parents, the 'hand-puppet' invite was born. Literally a 'talkin' invitation'! It was created out of an A4 paper. Something out of the ordinary kept the kids entertained and I reckon it soon became their favorite toy!

Without further ado, check out the video below.. simplicity is wonderful!

That's a creative idea to get the host engaged and have the buzz transferred onto others thru' such an invite, doncha think so?

*tips the hat*