Volkswagen's Hover Car : The Future?

"A week spent around the campfire will tell you more about a man than living next to him for 10 years." - Old West Wisdom

It's a dog-eat-dog world when it comes to marketin'. It's gotta be in tuned with time and stay well ahead of the game. Today, one of the world's most competitive industry has gotta be the automotive market with all the different car brands fiercely competin' against one another. I found Volkswagen's marketin' idea not only creative but rather thought provokin' at the same time.

In mid year 2011, Volkswagen set up a project in China givin' 450 million internet users the opportunity to brainstorm their ideas about vehicles and mobility. It's impressive that Volkswagen thought of crowdsourcin' ideas from the biggest crowd in the world, listenin' to the people through it's website: The People's Car Project.

Over 33 million people visited the website and 119,000 ideas were submitted. After 11 months; May 2012, it was unveiled that the winnin' idea was The Hover Car! Volkswagen was impressed with the idea that they decided to do short CGI (computer generated imagery) Youtube Videos to showcase it.

So whatdya think? In my humble opinion, it'll def'nately be a while before this idea becomes a functional reality. A world without wheels. Hmm, makes me wonder though, can the world be ready for such a thing?

Anyway, in terms of creative marketin', Volkswagen hits the jackpot 'cause there's a fair bit of the population who can't seem to differentiate between advertisin' and reality. Links of the videos went faster than a hot knife thru' butter due to a Twitter storm, and that my friends was how I got to know of this campaign.

Bravo Volkswagen for a brandin' campaign done right!

*tips the hat*