Aziatage Cafe brings Chopsticks Dragon to Russia!

Have ya ever imagined a cowboy usin' a pair of chopsticks? Betcha the chopsticks would be all over the food like a cat on a hot tin roof! My journey with chopsticks made me believe that the fork is still superior in matters of practicality! *chuckles*

But, marketin' with 11,000 pairs of chopsticks in Russia. Now, that's an eye-catcher! In Voskhod, a pan-asian cafe called Aziatage Cafe, did a creative marketin' execution. Their aim was to attract the attention of city residents to the openin' of their cafe. So, an art project was developed for the street walkers in the city. As 2012 is the year of the dragon, legend has it that all wishes made would come true.

A billboard with 11,000 holes drilled into it was placed near the cafe and chopsticks were handed out to passers-by. Now, here's the juice! Ya gotta split the two sticks and while ya make a wish, one stick is pushed into the board. The other stick with the logo entitles the participant to a discount in the cafe.

And the result of this marketin'? It lassoed in lotsa free media coverage of over $25,000 and a cafe full of guests! Over 10,000 wishes were made together with dozens of TV, radio and news coverage. What a way to engage everyone in the launchin' of a new landmark in the city!

Oh, check out the video. Ah-May-Zingggg...

Folks, the mix of the culture in the art work.. Well, that's a champagne taste with a beer pocket book!

*tips the hat*