Switch to Heineken

"A drunken man's words are a sober man's thoughts." - Unknown Author 

Between two green bottles, I'd choose the one with the red star, thanks! It's called Heineken.

Sayin' the name makes me grin like a possum eatin' a sweet potato! The choice is like choosin' the partner that you'd introduce to your mother. Why? 'Cause ya can't drink a Heineken in just any old sleazy bar! I'm not the only one sayin' it, Heineken says it too : "The perfect beer calls for the perfect bar".

They launched their latest commercial titled 'The Switch' in its global 'Open your world' advertisin' campaign. It starts off with a few good mates lookin' for a waterin' hole in a foreign place. Steppin' into a sleazy bar, bein' so thirsty that their tongue felt like Mother Theresa's sandals, a beer is more than welcomed! The boys called out for Heineken.

Click play and watch the video on what happens next.

Booze has such an effect! It makes the ugly look beautiful. So, bravo to TBWA Neboko Amsterdam for a job well done! Heineken's image is flowin' pure with that captivatin' focus on the quality of its beer!

Hey, if you've never had a night like that, I reckon it's time you made the switch! Level up with a Heineken Beer. It'll open your world.