Pillow Talk Shortens Distance!

"An ounce of doing is worth a pound of talk". - Old West Wisdom

What's the hardest part about sustainin' a long distance relationship? The predicted answer : Trust. Well, if the trust is gone, it's game over ain't it? But other than that, I reckon the next hard part of the whole long distance relationship hu-ha's def'nitely gotta be the intimate contact. Now, don't ya go bluffin' yerself! Ya know it's true.

Thanks to my friend, Dinoza for highlightin' the solution by Little Riot of UK. A pillow to cure that long distance love blues. Pretty simple and I reckon it'd help in the feelin' of being connected to the loved ones in real time, despite the distance! The product is introduced as "Pillow Talk".

Pillow Talk is designed to be sold as a pair of pillows which allows a couple who don't live together, the opportunity to feel each other's heartbeat. The couple will wear a ring that picks up the rhythm of their heartbeats. There is also a flat panel inside the pillow will glow and beat in sync with the partner's heartbeat. Can't imagine such a romantic invention? Well, let's watch the video below:

Ain't that sweet? It could be the next big thing!

Ya want one? Well, await its arrival at Little Riot.

*tips the hat*