Oslo Airport Is Expanding!

In the early days of the west, the mode of transportation was on the back of a horse. But in our modern world, we've become so advanced. We don't only use a car to get around in, we fly in an airplane to journey all over the world. Yup, just book a ticket and tadaa, yer off to the next destination.

Anyway, talkin' about transportations, did'ya know Oslo Airport - Norway is expanding? The project is branded T2. The terminal extension is due to complete in 2017 in which the floorspace is dedicated to commercial activities.

Their marketin' team is superb! To promote the expansion of the new airport, 4 1/2 and Passion Pictures created a charmin' stop-motion animation. It shows a scaled-down renderin' of how the expansion will look. Hard woods were used to mimic the final architectural style of the proposed expansion. Click on play and watch the video below:

I'd never expect the marketin' team to put in such effort and energy on something that artistic. I actually expected a more down-played kinda ad like addressin' the issue and concerns in bold words and an overused soundtrack with pictures of the airport.

So to all airport sleepers..remember this: Ya gotta have yer industrial strength ear plugs with ya  when at Oslo Airport over the next few years!

*tips the hat*