S3: Designed for humans, you don't say?

A couple of nights ago, I was seated next to two girls who were comparin' phones durin' a weddin' dinner. Between Apple's iPhone 4S and Samsung's S3,the girls decided that S3 had an upperhand with the swype-feature liked keypad. Well, in terms of the number of features they were comparin', S3 won. Winner, winner.. chicken dinner for the S3 owner.

Now, Samsung's S3 is a smart, expensive and glamorous gadget. Rumor has it that it could be the iPhone killer too. While it may appeal to some, it still can't be said that it is everyone's cup of tea.

I'm on the market for an upgrade. I've never owned a smartphone so I can't exactly review on the gadgets' features.  But, I've gotta say this, whoever's runnin' the ad campaign for Samsung's S3 is goin' to need to do better than tellin' the world it's "Designed for humans. Inspired by nature". Obviously it's designed for humans, who else is gonna be usin' it? Aliens? Monkeys? Seriously?

Seen the S3 ad yet? It introduces a phone that finds its design inspired by nature. But it kinda shows off more on how it can take pretty photos of nature. After that, it shows a happy family scene which I reckon is picture perfect and kinda disturbin'. It's neither clever nor original for a tech commercial. Anyway, watch the ad and see for yourself.

The S3 looks terrific in the ad, right? It shows how life would be with it, how it plays an intimate role with you and your loved ones. It sees. It listens. It knows. Just by watchin' that, I reckon it could reconnect me with nature and perhaps make my family be in utter bliss of happiness till the 2 year contract ends.

Anyway, in terms of marketin', my hat goes off to Apple's device which is by the way, "Designed by Apple in California".

*tips the hat*