Thailand's Smokin' Kids

"When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or man, don't be surprised if they learn the lesson."  -Old West Wisdom

Anti-smokin' campaign. Banned smokin' commercials? Checked. Raise the price of cigarettes? Checked. Place disgustin' photos on cigarette packets? Done. But even with all these ballyhoo, majority still doesn't take heed. Ya know what is needed?

A shock tactic! That's often the answer to bringin' about awareness among people. When I was a kid, pa was a smoker. He smoked like a chimney and I brought the ashtray. But one fine day, pa saw us kids imitatin' the way he smoked cigarette with our love letter biscuit rolls. That put him on a major guilt trip and he quit. Mission accomplished!

In Thailand, a simple but highly effective idea was deployed. The ad was created by Ogilvy & Mather Bangkok for the Thai Health Promotion Foundation. Children were sent out to ask adult smokers for a light. Without any exception, these adults lectured the kids on the evils of cigarettes. After listenin' with full attention, a slip of paper was given by the kid to the adult. With that note, I say that's the best anti-smokin' ad thus far! What's in it? Watch the video....

The result was an increase in phone inquiries about quittin' the habit! How long this intervention would last is unknown. But lookin' at how viral the video's goin', betcha the impact would reach far beyond Thailand.

So, whadya think? Would this ad work on you?

*tips the hat*