Bradesco Seguros Insurance's Fake Ad

My Ma recently became an owner of The New iPad. As I browsed thru' the App store, there were loads of magazine/publication apps that you can subscribe to. Even Oprah's O Magazine's in it.

Then it dawned on me, the iPad is a whole new playground! The makin' of a great ad to market out to consumers is nothin' bout the technology. It's the idea itself!

AlmapBBDO and The Goodfellas created a fake ad for Bradesco Seguros Insurance, an auto-insurance company in Brazil. They made an iPad version of the magazine. When readers turned the pages by sliding their fingers on the screen and arrives at the ad page, a car crashes into the side of the screen. Excellent execution of the campaign idea with the unveiling of the message "Unexpected events happen without warning. Make a Bradesco car insurance plan."

Great usage of the media, huh? Just hope other advertisers won't abuse this really smart idea with annoyin' ads!

*tips the hat*