Listerine's Sexy Lady Has Onion Breath

Today, let's talk about bad breath.

It ain't a laughin' matter for people who's gotta deal with it regularly.  It's tough tryin' to impress the other half with yer witty humor without breathin', get it? Bad breath is like communication with loads of land mines along the way. My opinion, I reckon that bad breath would be the biggest romantic deal breaker when it came to datin'!  Imagine, a date with someone who has bad breath, that date would have totally stunk! *pun intended*

But not too worry, have ya heard of Listerine Mouthwash? There's a brand new stinky campaign. I meant that in a complimentary way. Listerine and their agency, J. Walter Thompson in Hong Kong has made mouthwash an interactive sale.  They created a flipbook that shows an attractive, sexy lady "talkin" to the reader. It gives whiffs of onion smell. The tip of the lasso, of course, is that Listerine places a coupon redemption for its mouthwash. Click on the video below to watch the commercial.

The idea is so simple. I do wonder why it's not been thought of before? The flipbook ain't no revolutionary product, but that unique idea of emittin' bad smell of dead onions makes it so effective! I ain't surprise that the brand had a staggerin' 66% redemption rate. C'mon, with that kinda ad tailored perfectly to a specific product... that's what good advertisin' is all about!

p/s: My dentist friends would usually tell me in a jokin' manner that the best way to check whether you've got bad breath is to lick the back of your hand, let it dry, then smell it. Go ahead, if ya have bad breath, get some Listerine mouthwash. ;)

*tips the hat*