Little Baby's Ice Cream Scares Me!

"If you want to liven up the conversation, just say the right thing, the wrong way." - Old West Wisdom

Have you heard of the American brand, 'Little Baby's Ice Cream'? It's a Philadelphia-based ice cream company. The name sounds innocent, doesn't it? But this company just made me scream for ice cream for all the wrong reasons. Drats!

Little Baby's Ice Cream decided to use the 'bad press is good press' trick in their latest commercial which has successfully gone viral. There are two videos which are entitled "This is a Special Time" and "Love Lickers". Check out the videos below, those gotta be the most disturbin' commercial for ice cream. Seems like the company's aroused by cannibalism and nightmares.

Ultra-creepy, ain't it? Some may not understand the need to use such marketin' tactics. Well, it ain't weird, it's just.. newer! Hey, don't you go rollin' yer eyeballs 'cause despite the bad press about their ways, it got them what they wanted : Attention and Brand Awareness.

Mission accomplished!

*tips the hat*