Siri Chats Up Celebrities

In the Old West days, wherever a man has left his footprint, ya'll find the hoof print of the horse beside it. The cowboys will tell ya that the horse is their best friend 'cause it knows when yer happy, when yer proud, and also when ya got a carrot! So ya see, the horse is like a best friend and perhaps a confidante to a cowboy. They spend more time with each other than anythin' else!

Now, fast forward to today. I dare say that we spend most of our time with the phone as it easily hooks up to the internet. Remember, in my previous post about Samsung's S3 ? I mentioned that Apple does a better job at marketin'. Well, that's simply 'cause they have the ability to convince millions of consumers to upgrade a phone to a new one just 'cause it talks to ya. Yeah, I'm talkin' about Siri!

Apple is aggressively marketin' Siri by takin' it up a notch, usin' celebrities to sell its product. Below are 4 videos which stars Samuel L Jackson, Zooey Deschanel, John Malkovich and Martin Scorsese respectively.

Siri helps Samuel plan a romantic evening for his wife.

Siri helps Zooey transform a rainy day into the perfect day in.

While helping John Malkovich plan a night out, Siri shows him her funny side.

Siri helps Martin Scorsese change up his jam-packed schedule on the fly.

I can't wait for the next iphone to be out! Maybe I should grill Siri about it. She might know somethin' about it. After all, Siri is connected to the top people at Apple!

*tips the hat*

"Oh, Siri......."