Volkswagen's Humor with The Force

Does it annoy you when you see some people behave differently from you? Perhaps, you find it wrong and you want to change that. Heard of the 'Fun Theory'? The philosophy is simple : fun is the easiest way to change people's behavior for the better. Take a look at Volkswagen's fun theory example, starring his evilness - Darth Vader.

Thanks to my buddy, Dinoza - I found it amusin' that Darth Vader was chosen as Volkswagen's hero in their 2011 commercial for the promotion of their 2012 Passat. A mini Darth Vader attempts to use the force around the house. He gets annoyed at failed attempts until he gets out unto the driveway where he remarkably starts the Passat that his Dad just parked. I'll not spoil it for ya, but check out the Mini-Darth and how he found 'the force' in the video.. it's mind-blowin'! More than 50 million views!

As for this year's commercial, it's entitled "The Dog Strikes Back". It showcases a dog named Bolt who gets into shape when it sees the new, sleek and speedy 2012 Volkswagen Beetle. The theme for the commercial is "Back. And better than ever." Click play and watch the video below. Hilarious!

Some may have issue with these adverts. Probably due to the brand side of things bein' rather minimal. The car is only seen at the beginning or at the end of the commercial for a few seconds. It sorta lack brand focus which is both a plus and humongous negative. Plus point 'cause Volkswagen won't hound at ya like most car adverts. Negative point, well.. audience is kinda left knowin' nothin' about the car. And I reckon, instead of talkin' about the 'Volkswagen ad', everyone's talkin' about 'the Darth Vader ad'.

Well, in my humble opinion... the idea of marketin' is to create somethin' that consumers would remember and help make it viral. To consumers of today, Volkswagen ticked the right boxes when it included fun and made those playful commercials. When somethin' is fun, it gets consumers engaged. When consumers are given a better impression, it creates a happy atmosphere which then leads to effective marketin'. Thereafter, productive change!

So, come and join the 'dark side'. embrace this creative marketin' idea that has a difference. It's fresh, interactive, and has the best ingredient.. FUN!

Together, the galaxy is ours!