Got Help?

"Ma, Can I have some juice this mornin'?" I asked. Ma replied, "Well, why don't ya make some yourself? The stuff are in the fridge", said Ma as she continued to watched her TV drama. Opening the fridge door, I saw celery, cucumber.. and.. beetroot! Those stuff are more dangerous than French kissin' a rattle snake! Gross!

Searchin' in the little fridge drawer, Aha! Apples! I was happy as a tick on a fat dog! Got the choppin' board and knife out, washed the apples and as I cut the first apple, clumsy me, I sliced my thumb! The skin broke open and out oozed a waterfall of my blood! I held my thumb tight and ran to my sister, showin' her my injured thumb, "I'm bleeding!" I squeaked.

Ma heard the commotion and patted me on the shoulder, givin' me the bottle of concentrated salt water. I eyeballed that nasty drop as it hit my skin. Screamin' in pain, I shook my head in disgust with tears rolling down like there's no tomorrow.

My sister held up the band-aid and cheekily said, "You're such a crybaby!"


Anyhoos, talkin' about band-aid, say.. instead of just coverin' the boo-boos, didya know that it could save someone's life in the process?

Recently, Help Remedies launched a bandage package that aims to heal on a larger scale. The package is called, "Help I've Cut Myself & I Want To Save A Life". It contains the standard band-aids with a bone marrow donor registry kit. The kit consists of a pamphlet, sterile cotton swabs and a postage-paid envelope). This idea was initiated by Graham Douglas of Droga5. His identical twin brother had leukemia and was saved by a donor. Check out the video below

Simple and smart! So, next time ya cut yer finger, help save a life!

*tips the hat*