Donation Army's Tree Activists!

One thing I learned from Pa on the ranch was that no one man's an island and cowboys don't work alone. See, they might not always be seen in a group of people but they sure are part of a team. Usually their team consists of a couple of horses, a good doggie and sometimes, another cowboy. Perhaps, at times it's easier to recruit non-humans. Doncha think?

                                                  Photo credit : Myron Beck, Photographer.

                                                 Photo credit : Myron Beck, Photographer.

Well, someone else thought the same too!

Oro Verde, a small non-profit German organization with only 10 full-time employees needed to recruit more activists and donation collectors to help increase the number of cash donations. When they looked around, it seemed that recruitin' human beings were  just far too difficult. So, they looked to the trees instead.

Watch the video below:

Very clever way to rack in dough for a good cause. Who else would have done it better, speaking out against the destruction of the rain-forests, than their own kind?

Two thumbs up to German agency Ogilvy & Mather Frankfurt who made this terrific campaign for Oro Verde!

*tips the hat*