HP Ink Advantage Project feat. RED (Hong Yi)

Today, I felt like printers were sent from hell to make me miserable. I think my printer and I just aren't right for each other. I mean, I print far less than I ever used to but folks, I have come to a conclusion that I have bad printer relationship for awhile now.

I hate it when the machine refuses to carry out its orders by answerin' me back with 'Paper Jam', 'No Ink' or 'Unable to connect. Please reinstall.' Recently, it was the latter! I don't get how or why the wireless printer that my laptop could detect and print a second ago has now disappeared when I need to print something urgently. It's so maddening, frustrating, and it's drivin' me crazy! I guess the instructor was right.

Anyway, I'm not giving up hope on my relationship with printer just yet. I'm gonna give it a second chance. Maybe it needs a lil alone time. After all, who knows there may be some other issues that it needs to deal with, like with Ms. Paper?

Well, since I've got some time to kill and blog... plus we're on the topic of printers, I was told that printer ink is now known as 'black gold'. Apparently, it's one of the most expensive substances in the world. Probably due to expensive technology to develop such liquids.

So, a fortnight ago, I watched HP's latest Ink Advantage campaign that relayed a message : Print More, Pay Less and Risk Nothing. It was a fantastic collaboration with Sabah's local talent - Hong Yi or perhaps known by her glam name: Red. She used 1 ink cartridge that costs MYR 37 and printed 1,500 pages that made up her artwork which measured at an astounding 93.5m. That's her biggest, most massive art piece to-date. Watch the videos:

Behind the scenes:

Bravo to HP for giving creativity a chance!

I'm gonna check on my printer again.

Oh yes, if you wish to see more of the young lady's artwork that was done without a brush, click RED

*tips the hat*