M&M's Ms. Brown, not your average chocolate.


Today's halloween! Ever noticed how the best holiday seems to have the best yummy goodies especially the sweet candies and chocs? Valentine's day with chocolate hearts, Christmas with minty candy canes, Easter with their chocolate bunny or eggs, and Halloween.. lots and lots of candies and chocolates for trick-or-treats time. Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Cupid and Pumpkin Jack has showed that festivities are only sweeter when induced with sugar.

I reckon that candies and chocolates have become such a holiday highlight, i think I'll skip all the other holidays if those sweet things ain't involved! Independence Day? Nah. King's Birthday? Yawn. Boring. Call me when there's milk chocolate shaped like the flag, or the king and then 'Hello, there!' to you..

Speaking of sweet stuff, I love M&Ms. They melt in yer mouth, not in yer hands! If you've got melted chocolate all over yer hands, well.. yer eatin' it too slowly, partner!

Ya know, 2012 is a spankin' new year for M&Ms. They've introduced Ms. Brown to the world of advertisin! Ms. Brown (voiced by Vanessa Williams) is Chief Chocolate Officer and has been workin' behind the scenes for the past 70 years. Recently, she decided that she could do more good for the brand by steppin' outside her office and servin' as a public spokescandy. Her timin' was perfect - she chose the Super Bowl as the best place to make her presence known. She's gonna be the spotlight throughout 2012 to tell us that M&Ms ain't yer average milk chocolate as she said, “Making history is easy when you’re the original milk chocolate". Touché!

Without further ado, introducin' Ms. Brown.

Ms. Brown makin' her shelluva debut at the Super Bowl 2012

Ms. Brown knows what she wants!

Check out the unveiling of a 20ft statue of Ms. Brown in LA. The statue was hidden for 6 years!

Ms. Brown goes on a date.

Neat marketin', huh? Oh.. didya know that you could customize chocolate M&Ms by choosin' the colors, addin' personal message or clip art? Find out more at Create Your M&Ms

Here's a diet tip for today: Eat chocolate before each meal. It'll take the edge off your appetite, and you'll eat less!

*Tips the hat*