Well Played, Bodyform!


Menstruation. That one word is like mentioning the unmentionable. It's a picky topic and taboo! It's a good thing that these days, even though some mothers may find it difficult to talk to their daughters about it, schools are doing their duties and of course there's the internet. Otherwise, imagine if no one had forewarned the ladies about the existence of menstruation. They'd probably scream the house down believing that they're bleedin' to death!

While the girls have their menstruation 101 lesson, what about guys? Well, some learned about it through their sisters, girlfriends, internet or perhaps, television. Yes, those vague ads that relates to women but never quite gets to the point. I'm glad MOST guys don't take it at face value that sanitary pad wings + blue water = fun filled week, unlike this man : Richard Neill.

After posting his rant to the company's Facebook Page : Bodyform about his shockin' discovery, Bodyform's fictional CEO decided to address Richard's concerns with this hilarious video below:

and come clean by posting the picture below as their Facebook Page's cover photo today:

This is by far THE best response from a corporation! Humor, humanity, and simplicity. It's about understandin' the social part : dialogue, response, listening to customers and understanding them, of course! What just happened to Bodyform, that IS great "crisis management"!

Well played, Bodyform! Well played! You've engaged with public criticism, tore it apart, made an awesome comback that threw negativity out and brought in undeniable positiveness!

Richard, the truth shall set you free!

*tips the hat*