Bond. Skyfall. Done!


I've just watched Skyfall. Had to see it since it's received such high ratin' on rotten tomatoes' website that it just could smash box office records. This movie franchise celebrates 50 years and there's no signs of neither fatigue nor ageing. Which comes to a point, not many brands such as Bond can boast of such vibrant longevity!

L-R : Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig

Here's what I've picked up from 007. James Bond seems to be aspirational for men. They admire how he can be a chick magnet, shoot and fights effortlessly while maintaining his cool looks, and the capability to drive fast cars. Come to think of it, James Bond could be considered a modern-day version of the cowboy. His handsome, strong, and has a gun.The only difference is he's not ridin' a horse but in an Aston Martin. But what sets Bond apart from the cowboy is not only that he's British but truly, his professionalism.

Anyway, as long as men aspire these dream, I reckon the appeal will never fade. Doncha admire that for 50 years, James Bond, the iconic male, is always in tune with the changin' of times. I guess even classics have to get contemporary, appropriately of course unless they wish to become outdated.

This 23rd Bond movie has a pretty unique marketin' campaign, It has capitalized on brand interests. Brands such as Tom Ford's tailored suits on Bond, his Aston Martin, apart from his shaken martini, Bond opted for Heineken in the early scene. His gun's a Walther and Adele's makin' bucketloads of cash with her Bond theme. Oh! Not to forget, Q's Sony Vaio hardware. But out of all, the campaign I enjoy most in the spirit of Bond, is by Coke Zero.

Coke Zero challenged passengers at a train station with its vending machine. Consumer would have to unlock the 007 in them for a chance at winnin' exclusive FREE tickets for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall in 70 seconds. It was created with a real 'chase-style' settin'. Practically, bringin' out the 007 in you! Watch the video below and you'll get what I mean.

Very fun and well executed, Coke Zero! Truly brought out the James Bond in them! That's marketin' done right!

*tips the hat*