Darth Vader, I am your father! ~Disney


Who doesn't fancy Disney cartoon movies? I've watched tons! My all-time favorite cartoon is Aladdin. Best Hero, Robin Hood. Best Villain's gotta be Hades.

Do you remember your first Disney memory? I'm gonna tell you mine and share it on Walt Disney Studios UK Facebook Pageto help Disney turn 1 Million Memories into £1 Million for Great Ormond Street Hospital Chidren's Charity.

Disney's magic first said 'Howdy' to me when Ma made me watch Dumbo. I'm talkin' bout years back, before I could even reach the door knob! Dumbo was an elephant who had a very strange childhood. He was an outcast with a lil mouse-friend named Timothy. Ain't that strange? Elephants would jump at the sight of a mouse, but not Dumbo!

Anyway, with Timothy tirelessly tryin' to get Dumbo to believe in himself to the extent of makin' him believe he could fly with a magical feather, he became "The World's Only Flying Elephant!". That is till he lost his magic feather while doin' a free fall. He lost his faith in himself as he was going down, trunk first. But,  just before Timothy and Dumbo would turn the ground red, Dumbo suddenly believed in himself and flew.

Doncha sometimes wish that when life gets tough, you were given a 'magical feather'? Well, the truth is YOU'LL NEVER GET IT! Deal with it.

To this day, I tell myself and now I'm telling you : Always believe in yourself. Being unique has its purpose. So stop lookin' for magic feathers!

Walt Disney believes in being unique and with that they've just acquired Star Wars franchise at $4 billion. Hear say, Star Wars' fans around the globe ain't too happy about it. What's gonna happen with the iconic characters and franchise under Disney's reign?

Well, now that Darth Vader, Yoda, Mickey and Minnie Mouse have become one with the force, the opportunities are gonna be endless. Watch how Darth Vader and his troopers spend their first day...

Vader must be sayin "Come to the dark side, we have Disneyland!"

Such a "dark" humor!

*tips the hat*