#inspiresme project

There was a time, not so long ago... I used to think I will be happy goin' into a business just so that I could be a CEO. Well, I was only 9 then. I wanted to be a CEO of a really big company that could breakthru' the glass ceiling. I wanted to be RICH, FILTHY RICH like a king on a golden throne. That inspired me to study hard.. and get  muh papers!

But those days are gone ever since I had a taste of business. I didn't like bein' an entrepreneur but I loved marketin'. When I entered into the marketin' world, I am always lookin' for inspiration. I joined a team of people who wishes to inspire others into action through the inspirational stories by passionate people. They're known as INit.my.

So, there was a sweet opportunity when INit.my wanted to team up with Creative Lasso to promote themselves. I jumped right into it before it got away. We named it "#inspiresme project". It's designed to get you inspired and in turn inspire others by sharing to the world what inspires you.

Well, *cough* bein' pretty productive within social media, people would eventually see our project. It was a simple way to put ourselves out there and gain support from our network. It was such a clever idea that all you gotta do is just print it out, write what inspires you, and post the photo with #inspiresme on whatever social network you're on. Within days, we've got about 80 posts and still countin'..

Wanna know what inspires me? An out-of-the box innovative thought bank. My ol' Creative Lasso blog. That's what inspires me. Ya see, it allows me to break new trails that I've never dreamed I would try. Read my previous posts?? They're all awesomely-inspiring....

Don't know what inspires you yet? Well, stop yammerin', click HERE to see what is inspiring others! Find your inspiration...

Tell us and let's get the world inspired! Yeehah!

*tips the hat*