Thought Tiles



My first post for 2013! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It's been awhile that I've gone silent, as though I've fallen off the grid! But worry not, I am back! So, last November, Creative Lasso was asked to organize some sort of activity for an event that was happenin' in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. This event was known as the 3rd B2.0 social media conference.

For 2 weeks, my mind worked like it was goin' on a happy trail as this was the first debut for Creative Lasso. There were all kinds of idea but nothin' really matched up for such an event. While havin' some ice blended mocha, I looked up from my laptop and scanned the area. Ev'ry single person that passed by this busy place was either lookin' at their phone, ipad, or tablet while doin' somethin' else. I packed up and walked across to the other end of the lot and noticed not one soul bothered to lift their head. Ah, we've mastered the art of textin, tweetin, pinning, and status likin' while multitaskin' that made it look like it was on an auto-pilot mode.

I mean, I'm a huge fan of social networkin'. It makes it possible to spend an entire day/night talkin' without utterin' one word. Come to think of it, now, ain't that scary? Well, I need to git rid of this absence of eye contact and git back on with basic human interaction. And suddenly, holy cow, I had an idea! Grinnin' like a weasel in a hen house, I had something for this event! I call it the "Thought Tiles".

"Thought Tiles" involved the 3 awesome social networks : Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest which included the introduction of Windows 8 product by Acer Sales & Services Sdn. Bhd. Now, how did it converge to become an engaging, interactive and fun activity while having all eyes off the screen at a social media conference? Glad ya asked!

See, each participant was given a tweetbox-tile ticket that had 2 sections. One section was for participant to hold on too while the other is for them to scribble anonymously what they thought about the event in a creative manner and hand it back to us. These tweetbox-tiles were then 'pinned' to a board for everyone to view and vote with a 'Like' sticker. The one with the most 'Likes' would be declared the winner. How is the winner identified? Well, there's a unique number behind the tweetbox-tile!

And the winner? Well, congratulations to @hinching for winning the Acer Iconia W510 via this special competition at B2.0 organized by Creative Lasso and supported by Acer Sales & Services.

For more reviews about the B2.0 social media conference 2012, check it out on B2.0 Facebook's Page.

Thanks Dinoza, Acer and Borneo Colours for allowing Creative Lasso the opportunity to make its first debut! Y'all made me as pleased as a pup with 2 tails!

*tips the hat*