Burger King Troller!

If we never had any storms, we couldn't appreciate sunshine ~Dale Evans.

Ma always tells me that fast food makes one fat! So, whoever snuck that 'S' in there is a genius because, oh burger me! I say YES to the love of Burger King's whopper and McDonald's Sundae and Apple Pie!

Anyhoos, food lover aside... My two favourite American burger giants went head on into battle over France's army of fast food fans recently.  

First off, McDonalds was being rather cheeky in La France Profonde. Their advertising agency, TBWA Paris erected a ridiculously tall-to-heaven-high directional billboard that states it is 258KM to the closest Burger King, nearly 5 hours drive. Beside the monstrous billboard, a smaller sign says McDonald's is just 5KM away.  Watch the original #McDriveKing commercial first..

Determined to have the last laugh, Burger King and its agency, Buzzman decided to thank them by revealing the end of McDonald’s ad. Please... hit PLAY!

Tip of the hat to TEAM BURGER KING because it's #BetterToBeTheBurgerKing! 

Your move, McDonald's.