Heineken Dilemma

In games like this, it's all about having fun. ~ Joakim Noah

Following some days of low morale.. an occasional gentle and fun joke should be welcomed as it adds a lil' zest to a plain, boring day. Once, a friend mentioned that his girlfriend had brought him to a meeting place and she rather wait outside in the storm. What kind of man would let a lady wait in the pouring rain, right? Turns out the prankster's lady was a car! 

Heineken UEFA dilemma

Pranks are a staple to inject some fun into our dead serious dull life. It involves tappin' all that innovative instincts to pull off a successful one!

This Heineken stunt called 'The Dilemma' by Publicis Italy is totally worth the watch as the joke falls on one unaware huge soccer fan, Simone.

Play the video to find out if the victim takes the ticket and enjoys the UEFA Champions League game in person or sticks to the tradition and watch it on the sofa at home with his three BFFs.. 

Publicis Italy creatives says, "One take at Olympic Stadium right before the Roma vs. Real Madrid match, no chance to make the second attempt—and not a single actor, all for real."

Tip of the hat to you, Publicis Italy for a prankvertising done right! 

Ps : As extra proof the ad was authentic, Simone Elleppi a.k.a the victim was a good sport too by sharing his personal Facebook Page !