Jetblue & Cry Babies

FLYING might not be all smooth sailing, but the FUN of it is worth the price. -Amelia Earhart

As a child of a fighter pilot, I should really like flying. Honestly, taking a plane ride is unpleasant for me because its claustrophobic. But as the old West say, 'Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway!'.

But i think there are greater fears in the hearts of fliers. I can almost, always hear them say 'I hope there ain't any crying babies on board!'. Well, be sure to taste your words before you spit them out! It is a great challenge to keep a child from releasing those blood-curdling screech or big teary bawls during a long-haul flight at 35,000 feet above sea level. Many of you if not all, should understand that these tiny passengers ain't feeling as comfy as you.

JetBlue Airways, American low-cost airline and 5th largest airline in the United States took a big risk in creating their Mother's Day-themed online advertisement. Filmed during a New York to Long Beach flight, JetBlue promised fliers that if travelers witnessed four sobs, their next ticket is FREE! The risk of this #FlyBabies campaign - would passengers pinch the babies or provoke them into a meltdown?

From the looks of it, a successful, glare-free Mother's Day marketing stunt by advertising agency MullenLowe. People were actually engaging and making parents feel comfortable PLUS smiling at babies! 

So, boys & girls.. ladies & gentlemen.. Put aside your differences before you fly into a rage with parents and babies.

Tip of the hat to you, JetBlue - you above all for trying to bring back humanity in air travel. Kudos to all amazing mothers for being the source of creativity and innovation to the world. Happy Mother's Day!