Nivea's Shitty Flying Seagull

Getting older is inevitable, ageing is optional. - Dr. Christiane Northrup

'Hey hot shot, ya got some sun today!' That's one of the many greetings I truly welcome after some island fun. Because it means I've got some rosy cheeks and a pinkish shoulder. But, is SUN = FUN, safe? Of course it is silly, as long as you have SUNSCREEN slabbed all over yourself!

Talkin' about sunscreen, I have to share with you this Nivea 'Care From The Air' campaign. I can't believe it was entered at Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity 2016. Watch and decide for yourself.

Kids at the beach, running away from their parents who tries to apply sunscreen lotion on them is a big problem! But no worries.. Nivea solves it with the seagull-shitting-Nivea-sunscreen-lotion drone. The kids love it!

Well, as much as I find Nivea's bird pooping sunscreen project to be stupidly amusing... one thing for sure, this idea executed has zero potential for practical real-world application!

In my humble opinion, a wasted loop.