I Celebrate The Change with Anmum!

Happiness is on the way!

 Photo Credit : pregnantchicken.com

Photo Credit : pregnantchicken.com

Sometime in March this year, a little baby boy is going to come into our lives. Yes, I'm pregnant! I find myself to be nervous yet very excited to welcome my little man. I'm feeling GREAT and so far we are both very HEALTHY and progressing as per the doctor's chart - Thanks to my loved ones who continues to pamper and nourish me with nutritious, tasty-licious meals!

Often times, we hear people say that being a parent changes you. Now that I'm pregnant, this rings true. I am constantly wondering about the little being inside of me, whether what I'm consuming is good enough for him? Well, I must say Anmum did a great job in relaying the message to mommies-to-be with its heartwarming video. It's so sweet that I didn't mind watching it over and over and over again.

My tip of the hat to you Anmum because these commercials defines the power of creative material. This different and more emotional route that shows the baby's point of view while growing inside mommy's tummy truly will touch your heart, whether you're a mom or not!

Anmum Materna6002PPS0.JPG

That said, if you're ready to celebrate the change or are planning to conceive, I highly recommend Anmum Materna Milk (Low Fat Formulation). It is the only high folic acid milk powder that is clinically tested and two glasses provides 400mcg of folic acid a day - equivalent to approximately 97 slices of white bread!

All the best and drink responsibly - don't spill it!